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FloorCurling is a Hong Kong homegrown inclusive sport. It is a non-contact team sport providing opportunities to people of different ages, gender, or abilities, not only to learn and play together, but also to compete against each other. 


A FloorCurling team consists of three members: Lead, Second and Skip. Each team has six FloorCurling rocks. A game usually consists of six ends. A coin toss (or drum paper scissors) decides which team has the hammer in the first end. The team with the hammer has the last rock advantage. For subsequent ends, the team that has lost in the previous end will get the hammer. 


For each end, each member delivers two rocks on a FloorCurling lane, with Lead first, followed by Second and then Skip.  Each team delivers the rocks in alternate order. The lane is 11 metres long and 1.8 metres wide with a round house of 1.2 metres in diameter on the target end. The team with its rock closest to the centre or button of the house wins the game. The score for the winning team is the number of rocks that are located closer to the centre of the house than any rock of the opposing team.

Find out more about Equipment and Rules of the Game.




FloorCurling demonstration by John Li
  • Purchased a Kurling set (Floor Curling 地板冰壺 – Chinese translated name by John Li) from England to introduce the scoring system of curling
  • Held the first floorcurling demonstration at Y.O.T. Tin Ka Ping Primary School (仁愛堂田家炳小學)


Birth of a new sport

FloorCurling rocks designed by John Li
  • Creation of a new sport called FloorCurling (in one single word, like other sports such as basketball, football, handball, etc). In Chinese it is called 地壺球 (Chinese pinyin: Dì hú qiú).
  • Design of a new set of equipment and rules of the game. The first set of rocks emerged in December 2015. The designer of the sport equipment and structure is John Li 李石樁 (Muzi 木子)
  • The first Instructor course was organised for the Po Leung Kuk 保良局kindergarten teachers (May 2015). Subsequent courses were offered for the Education University of Hong Kong, YMCA and other organisations. As of December 2022, Hong Kong FloorCurling Association has trained more than 700 FloorCurling Instructors and Guiders, and over 2,000 FloorCurlers.
  • FloorCurling used as a tool to raise charity by Yan Oi Tong 仁愛堂 (17 May 2015)


Lay the foundation for development

Logo of Hong Kong FloorCurling Association
  • Establishment of the Hong Kong FloorCurling Association (March 2016). Affiliated to The World FloorCurling Federation. The founder of both organisations is John Li 李石樁 (Muzi 木子).
  • Horizontal promotion to different sectors of the community proved that FloorCurling is an inclusive sport for all.
  • Spread to different countries/ regions. Since 2016, floorcurling has spread to 32 countries/ regions, 12 of which have joined The World FloorCurling Federation: Australia, China, Estonia, Hong Kong, Israel, Kazakhstan, Macao, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia.
  • Organised the “Supporting Beijing Winter Olympics cum FloorCurling on Campus Programme”
  • Organised the InterSchool FloorCurling Championships in The Education University of Hong Kong (2016, 2017, 2018).


Outreach and expansion

FloorCurling kite flying in the WeiFang International Kite Festival
  • Vertical outreach expanded FloorCurling to more organisations in different sectors. Since inception, the Association has served over 740 organisations (including kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, universities, special schools, youth centres, elderly centres, minority groups, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, unions, recreational and residential clubs, campsites, professional bodies, government departments and corporations).
  • Participated in the Active Schools and Active Community Programmes organised by the Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association and sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club.
  • Support the Leisure & Cultural Services Department (LCSD) in the Sport For All Day (2017, 2018, 2021, 2022)
  • Establishment of the following FloorCurling associations: Russian FloorCurling Association (February 2017); Taiwan FloorCurling Association (March 2017); Australian FloorCurling Federation (November 2017); Macao FloorCurling Association (November 2017)
  • FloorCurling kite took flight in WeiFang International Kite Festival 濰坊國際風箏節 at Weifang, Shangdong, China. The kite is now one of the collections in the Weifang Kite Museum 濰坊世界風箏博物館. (15-20 April 2017)
  • Participated in the “2017 Never Old Festival–Senior FloorCurling Championships” Jiangsu, China 2017
  • Organised the 1st HK Senior FloorCurling Championships (18 November 2017)
  • John Li awarded the We Like HK “Work Hard Will Win” campaign 努力在明天 志感人故事徵文比賽 (28 November 2017)


Kickstart: Support 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics 支持2022北京冬奧運

Winter Olympic Carnival in Hung Hom, Hong Kong
  • Organised the “2018 Winter Olympic Carnival”, a series of FloorCurling Championships in different districts in Hong Kong: Yau Tsim Mong, Islands District, Shatin, Wong Tai Sin.
  • Championships beyond Hong Kong: Guangzhou, Yunnan, Shun Tak, Shenzhen, Taiwan.
  • Support Consulate General of Sweden in their Swedish Winter: Sha Tin Town Hall Plaza (2018), Tai Kwun, Parade Ground (2021) and K11 Art Mall (2022).
  • Support The Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association in the organisation of Active School and Active Community. (2018 – )
  • John Li awarded the 2018 Asia Pacific Creativity Industries Association Award 香港文化創意產業大獎 (21 July 2018)


Embracing art, music and multiple intelligence

A blessing card painted by a primary school student in Hong Kong.
  • In collaboration with Dr Max Happy Family organised the Hong Kong Students Support 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games Blessing Card Design Competition. A total of 12,000 submissions were received.
  • Continued with the Winter Olympic Carnival series of FloorCurling Championships in different districts in Hong Kong
  • FloorCurling featured in Intellectual Property Day: SCMP, 頭條日報, 頭條 POP News (30 April 2019)
  • Development of multiple intelligence through FloorCurling
  • Debut of the Song of FloorCurling: 同樂趣 composed by Mr Rock Ng (14 September 2019)


Continued Support to 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

John Li presenting the blessing cards to Beijing
  • Out of the 20,000 submissions to the Support Beijing Winter Olympics blessing cards competition, 2,000 blessing cards were sent to Beijing. Selected cards are kept in the Olympic Educational Museum in Beijing
  • Promotion of FloorCurling to Nepal (February 2020)


The first FloorCurling Centre

The first FloorCurling centre, FloorCurling Plus in Hung Hom, Hong Kong
  • Despite COVID, opened the first FloorCurling centre, FloorCurling Plus (地壺樂), in Hung Hom, providing eight full lanes, a place for fun. Organised the “2021 FloorCurling Plus Flourishing Development Championships” to celebrate the opening.
  • Establishment of the FloorCurling Association for the Physically Handicapped July 2021). Organisation of the 地壺球傷健共融盃 to celebrate the establishment (17-18 July 2021).
  • Debut of the second song of FloorCurling: 地壺球夢飛翔 (FloorCurling: Let your dreams take flight) composed by Wong Ching (黃呈) (July 2021)
  • Development of two more types of competitions: P2 (Pairs) and S1 (Singles) (October – November 2021)


A new mission: Sport Inclusion

Celebrating sport inclusion in the 龍城團結慶回歸共融樂聚地壺球
  • Mission accomplished in promoting the sport of Curling with the successful completion of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • FloorCurling takes up a new mission in the sustainable development of inclusive sports and homegrown sports.
  • Support Kowloon City District – Home Affairs Department in the organisation of 龍城 團結慶回歸共融樂聚地壺球 and 共融體育你我他
  • FloorCurling set three United Nations SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) World Records supporting Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities:
    1. The most inclusive FloorCurling activity consisting of people with 10 types of disabilities (25 and 26 June 2022)
    2. First “Hosting newly emerged sport concurrently in two cities” (29 October 2022)
    3. First “Inter-city FloorCurling online championship” (29 October 2022)
  • Collaboration with Kowloon City District – Home Affairs Department in 龍城團結慶回歸共融樂聚地壺球 and 共融體育你我他
  • Began the first series of the Swarovski Crystal 12 Zodiac FloorCurling Championships (July 2022)


Continue our Journey in Kai Tak Cruise Terminal

FloorCurling prize presentation ceremony in Kai Tak Cruise Terminal
  • Establishment of the Indonesia FloorCurling Association
  • Beside T3 (Triples), organised for the first time P2 (Pairs) and S1 (Singles) in the 2023「子鼠盃」人日地壺球錦標賽
  • Organised the 「亥豬盃」至愛地壺球錦標賽 and 「四季」學界T3地壺球錦標賽 at The Pulse, Repulse Bay
  • FloorCurling Plus moved to Kai Tak Cruise Terminal
  • Co-organise with Yuen Long City Hall in the 1st「囍燕盃」 West New Territories Secondary School FloorCurling Championships (3/4/2023)
  • International exchange with cross border opening