FloorCurling Rocks      

Each set has 12 rocks, 6 red and 6 yellow. Each team plays six rocks.   Each rock runs on 3 bearings and weighs 1.235 kg.

FloorCurling Brush/ Pusher

  • To clean the dust on the FloorCurling lane to ensure rocks slide smoothly on the lane.
  • To deliver rocks in standing or sitting position for the elderly and those who are on wheelchair. 
  • For the Skip to give directions to his/her players.

FloorCurling Lanes

  • U6 lane: 3 m x 1.6 m for kindergarten students.
  • U12 / 65+ lane: 7 m x 1.6 m for primary school students and the elderlies.
  • Integrated lane: 9.7 m x 1.6 m includes 3 starting points and can be played by all ages or abilities.
Start point Group Age
U6 Kindergarten students <  6
U12/ 65+ Primary school students and elderly 6 – 11; > 65
U6, U12/65+ and 12 -64 Integrated All ages and abilities