The Association

The Hong Kong FloorCurling Association (HKFCA) is a not-for-profit sport organisation governing the comprehensive development of the FloorCurling sport in Hong Kong.

Established on 1 March 2016, the Association is a local company limited by guarantee under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance.

Pioneer of the FloorCurling sport, the Association takes leadership in developing the sport in Hong Kong, the neighbouring region and worldwide, reaching out to a broad spectrum of the community of all ages and abilities.  Just over a year of establishment, the Association has 180 registered instructors, 400 players, 18 Community Sports Clubs and organised or participated in a number of major events:  

  • Jul 2016: The 1st InterSchool FloorCurling Championships
  • Sep 2016: FloorCurling Instructor Cup
  • Oct 2016: FloorCurling Instructor-student Cup
  • Dec 2016: The 1st Mei Sha Cup Junior/ Children Floor Curling Championships
  • Feb 2017: The 1st Hong Kong Community Youth Sports Festival by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
  • Apr 2017: ShenZhen-Hong Kong Twin-City Cup
  • Apr 2017: Islands FloorCurling Junior Championship
  • May 2017: YMCA Hong Kong Junior FloorCurling Tournament
  • Jul 2017: The 2nd InterSchool FloorCurling Championships
  • Jul 2017: SummerFest 2017
  • Aug 2017: 50th Anniversary of Yan Oi Tong

Actively spreading the FloorCurling spirit worldwide, the World FloorCurling Federation (WFF) visited and introduced the sport to well over 15 countries/ regions in 2016-17.   Watch out for more local and international FloorCurling events to come!

​The Association is a Founder Member of the World FloorCurling Federation, a member of the World Leisure Organization (WLO), and partner of the Hong Kong Curling Association (HKCurling).