We have programmes for both the curious and the serious!  Our services include “Come & Play” for novices to competitions, training, parties and workshops.

Come & Play

Novices can join our open house or demos.   Such events could range from one hour to a few days as in SummerFest 2017.  


The Association organizes competitions of various nature.  Check out the latest competitions!

Instructor Training  

Duration:        12 training hours (conducted in two full days or four half days)

Class size:       12-24 participants

Participants:          Must be 18 years old or above; Age 16+ can serve as assistant instructor but need to reach age 18 to be qualified to work alone and sign certificates for players.

Course contents

  • History and development of FloorCurling and Curling
  • Equipment & facilities
  • Safety, rules, etiquette and dress code
  • Team formation and roles of players
  • Scoring, timing and competition
  • Delivery, drills and tactics
  • Warm up and cool down
  • Spirit and ethics
  • Hong Kong FloorCurling structure and development


  • Written test on theory and technical skills.
  • To qualify as instructors, participants need to:
  1. Train four new participants to become registered players (at least four hours of teaching practice);
  2. Assist in FloorCurling competition (at least 6 hours); and
  3. Assist in a FloorCurling demonstration (at least 1 hour)

International Events

The Association connects with overseas Associations – Afghanistan, China, Chinese Taipei, Estonia, Germany, Israel, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Macao, Poland, Russia, Singapore and Thailand.  Watch out for upcoming events!

Players Training

Duration: 4 to 12 hours

Class size:       24 participants (Max)

Participants:    For all ages and abilities

Course contents

  • History of FloorCurling and curling
  • Equipment
  • Safety, rules, etiquette and dress code
  • Team formation and roles of players
  • Scoring, timing and competition
  • Delivery, drills, and tactics
  • Warm up and cool down

Staff Training and Development

FloorCurling is a great tool to foster team work, change management and resilience. It has been used as a training tool for staff development programmes in civil service training institutions, multi-national corporations, small enterprises, MBA and EMBA programmes, uniform groups, social service organizations and schools.  How about FloorCurling as a refreshing break in the middle of a conference?  It works equally well too.

Come talk to us!


FloorCurling is great for parties!  It is easy to learn.  Excitement builds up quickly especially if you pitch in a championship.   Happy moments captured with FloorCurling make everything ultra-special for someone special to you.  Come talk to us!


Updating skills for both instructors and players is important to FloorCurling development.  Check out our schedule!