FloorCurling is an integrated team sport for all ages and abilities. Our FloorCurlers range from kindergarten to college students, teenagers to elderly, and include the physically and mentally challenged.

Originated as a springboard to the Winter Olympic sport of curling, FloorCurling has transformed itself as a sport on its own. The game can be played on any flat and smooth surface that fits a FloorCurling lane measuring 9.7 x 1.6 metres.  School halls, squash courts or function rooms are all suitable venues.  A FloorCurling rock runs on 3 bearings and weighs 1.235 kg each.

The game involves 2 teams.  Each team has 3 players, namely the Lead, Second and Skip (captain).  Each team member assumes a unique role and delivers two rocks for each end.  The rocks are delivered in alternate order by each team.  A typical game has six ends. Upon completing an end, the team with its rock closest to the centre of the house wins the game.   The score is the number of rocks closer to the centre of the house compared to the opponent’s. 

FloorCurling is a gentlemen team sport with no physical contact with opponent team players.  It is a game that demands precision, strategies, focus, communication, team work, etiquette and resilience.   It opens up the opportunity to meet friends and broaden one’s social circle.  Amazing!

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