Q.1: Floor curling has existed in other countries many years ago.  So, how could the origin be in Hong Kong?
A.1: Among the floor curling products available, Hong Kong Curling Association adopted UK’s Kurling set in 2014 as a tool for curling promotion.  Some other products which have been considered include Solid Rock in Canada and Carpet Curling in northern Europe.  The Association translated floor curling as 地板冰壺 for promoting curling.  This marked the first stage of development. 

Moving on to the second stage, Hong Kong developed floor curling as a sport on its own.  This is similar to table tennis which developed on its own from tennis, or ice hockey from field hockey.  Floor curling no longer exists under the shadow of curling promotion.  

In December 2015, a new framework of floor curling emerged in Hong Kong, taking up the official name FloorCurling 地壺球.   FloorCurling has its own design of rocks, floor curling lane, accessories, competition rules, team formation, techniques, etc.  In February 2016, the World FloorCurling Federation was established to build the status of this new sport and to develop FloorCurling worldwide.  In March 2016, the Hong Kong FloorCurling Association was established.  It is the first FloorCurling association.  In summer of 2017, this new sport has reached out to 15 countries and regions. FloorCurling is born in Hong Kong!

Unlike floor curling which is dedicated to curling promotion, FloorCurling is a new and unique sport on its own.  Floor curling is not the same as FloorCurling while地壺球 is no longer 地板冰壺.